Album Release - Sooooo close!!

Hello Friends!

Bob and I have been hard at work listening to mixes and making sure we love the sounds that are selected for our new album "Authentic Earth"! The AMAZING Troy Pohl was able to dial in just what we are looking for, and we're just finishing up the 8th track this week! If you're interested in a sneak preview of the songs, pre-mastering, we've got them uploaded here. We hope to have a date for the final product in the next few weeks! Including downloads, streaming, CDs and vinyl offerings!

We've been posting a lot on Facebook lately, including photos from our event at Unihog, so please check us out on FB and like and follow our page to keep up with the latest news!

And don't forget about our debut at Caffe Lena on Sunday, March 7th at 7pm! We are honored to have the opportunity to play at such a special venue, and will donate all proceeds from the event to Caffe Lena in support of their continued operation. There may be a Bob Dylan tune or two in the works!

Stay safe and rock on - here's to 2021 rising up like a phoenix from the ashes and bringing us good times, the best music and a community of friendship!

-Curious Comet