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“Their style can be likened to The Grateful Dead, REM, Wilco, Aimee Mann, and Ani Difranco, capturing the intimate singer-songwriter style and the expressiveness of psychedelic jams in their music.” - Pete and Indi Mills, SCALE 


“With a long list of attributable songs, and a spirit to test the bounds of genre, CC balances life and art with finesse.” - Liam Sweeny, RadioRadioX 

"Niki Kaos has long been a force on the region’s songwriting scene. Teaming with fellow writer and multi-instrumentalist Bob Donald in the straight-from-Shushan duo Curious Comet puts them in good stead for unleashing smart, inventive, bare bones rock and roll on the world." - Michael Eck, Breedlove Guitars

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February 26, 2021

Curious Comet to Donate All Proceeds from Upcoming Gig to Famed Venue
The Capital Region arts scene is a close-knit community that comes together in times of hardship. Learn how Curious Comet, Caffe Lena, and others have been lifting each other up in these trying times.   
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February 16, 2021 

Live Interview with Niki and Bob of Curious Comet 
Curious Comet discusses the album-making process, the meanings behind some of their favorite songs, and how to make music during the apocalypse in this in-depth interview. 
December 8, 2020 

Curious Comet Announces Socially Distanced Album Release 
Launch an album with food, fellowship and fun safely during one of the worst global pandemics in recent history? Challenge accepted. Read on to see how they did it! 
November 27, 2020 

Curious Comet: Cosmically Bound 
Where did the name “Curious Comet” come from? How exactly does one build a home music studio? What goes into recording an album alone in the woods during COVID? Find out in this interview with Bob and Niki.

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