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Again and Again

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Is your life good? Is it free from pain?
Can it? Maybe… someday… Again and again

Is there light after dark? With the spark of the truth…
Your soothed for a little while longer.

Again and again, I keep saying I won’t repeat my same mistakes
But I can’t see to help it.
From beginning to end and beginning again
I see each crash that’s coming

Again and again, it’s hard to know what’s real
Hard to know exactly how to feel
I get spellbound by the lights and the sounds
Soothed into a slumber

I lumber around my heart on the ground
Dragging along. Because I can’t find my song

From beginning to end, and beginning again, I see each crash that’s coming.

Again and again!
Pick it up, dust it off
I’m ready for the battle

Because I can’t seem to help it...