Curious Comet is fully formed, white hot, and on the move.

View from the Telescope

Curious Comet is the latest project from musical duo Bob Donald and Niki Kaos. With an indie Alt Rock vibe, their debut album Authentic Earth will immerse you in a sonic bath of dynamic guitar work and emotive vocals. Self-produced at their home studio in Shushan, NY, the album tells stories of the human condition, through our connections with each other and our environment.

Inside the Comet

This is the story of two souls who were drawn together by an elemental force. 

For comets, that force is gravity. 
For Bob and Niki, the pull was in the music. 

There was, first, that pivotal jam session where like recognized like. Where two musicians who favored complex arrangements sighed with relief, smiled, and felt heard and understood. 

Many sparks lit and filled the space between them. Niki’s full voice, big laugh, and infectious energy that won friends and booked gigs. Bob’s finger callouses, to-do lists, and a sense of humor dry as kindling. 

Their fusion progressed, inevitable and cosmic. They moved deep into the Shushan woods together in 2018 to make endless music and ceaseless conversation. 

Like a comet, Niki plus Bob equals light and movement. 
Welcome to the glow.