1. Uncle Bob

From the recording Authentic Earth (mp3)

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Uncle Bob

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Maybe I’ve been looking for something, looking for something I know I’ll never find
I don’t know, but it’s possible
Maybe I forgot where I came from?
Think I lose my roots when my head’s in the clouds
I don’t know, but I feel lost now

But it wouldn’t be so bad, if I had a little cash and someone to hold my hand
Yeah, things would be OK. Might just go my way.
And they’d be playing my favorite song on the radio, It’d go something like

Jimmy crack corn, and I don’t care
Uncle Bob’s dancing in his underwear
Fleas, flies and buzzing bees… It all seems fair to me

Maybe I’ll see you on a crowded bus, maybe I look a little crazy,
We’ll I said, I don’t know, but it’s possible
Maybe you’re lonely, drowning in your big sea
Everyone acts so phony and you need some reality
I don’t know. I don’t know you at all

But it wouldn’t be so bad…. Chorus repeat...