1. No Regrets

From the recording Authentic Earth (mp3)

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No Regrets

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My personal scorched earth policy
You want to cleanse your unquiet emotions
Another drink before the dancing starts
Seal the borders - let the band play on

The information is unconfirmed
(there will be no regrets)
The people are unconcerned
(there will be no regrets)
And though life is livable
(there will be no regrets)
Some things are unforgivable

Neighbors removed - ancient enemies
Fences - poisoned land - rape camps on the sand
Ratburger Helper - a coming fad
Stand aside - let the band play on


Torture and killing is so thrilling…
Am I willing?
Torture and killing is so thrilling…
Are you willing?

Police state hope for this human race
Can’t seem to learn from our own mistakes
Brains, we’ve always known, are in short supply
Fare thee well - let the band play on