1. Round Bales

From the recording Authentic Earth (mp3)

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Round Bales

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Round bales, white sails drifting over the rise
Long trails, white veils sifting cold empty skies
Looks to be a long steep dive
Crash like that just try to survive

Full moon jumping up on the hill
Didn’t see it coming next time I will
Chew the fat mince the gristle
Walk like an airplane smile like a missile

Climb the stairs to the basement
I don’t know what your face meant
Climb the stairs to the basement
I don’t know…

Up on the water tower your freckles your tan
Drunk in the ditch vacant-eyed staring in the tub
Pickup truck to the farm a New Year’s Eve gamble
We got higher and higher you took us down easy


Old days call out taking me for a ride
Old friends they shout cross the great divide
We think we know too well just where the time goes
Small pony unicorns pot of gold rainbows