It's Here!!!

We've got the mastered tracks back, and we're in love! We are so excited to release our debut album "Authentic Earth" on our website today! We will be rolling out availability on other platforms soon, and offering CD and vinyl as well... so stay tuned for those goodies!

In the meantime, we hope you will consider downloading our album to check out what Bob and I did on our COVID summer vacation, that extended into fall, and well... when you are playing all of the instruments and recording it yourselves it takes a lot of time! But it was so worth it to put the energy into getting the sound we wanted! We hope you love it as much as we do!

And as an added bonus, we're donating all of the proceeds from the album through February to Salem Community Cat rescue. They are a wonderful organization that helps stray cats in the Salem Community and we are glad to give them some support! So your purchase of our album will help a good cause too!

Thank you so much for supporting our musical dreams! We can't wait until it is safe again to have live shows... hopefully this summer we can cook up some socially distanced gigs! Take care and stay safe! -Niki

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